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Broadened horizons

Monday 13th May marks the beginning of a new partnership with Graphite Publications. The Globalist looks to build relationships with other like-minded student publications across the globe. By broadening our horizons and engaging in the debates of today’s ever more complex international scene, we want to help bring student voices out into the open and into conversation with the 21st century.

Photo by Keith Williamson via Flickr.

Photo by Keith Williamson via Flickr.

Upcoming content

Check this page over the coming weeks for articles on politics, economics and culture from our partner website in Montreal.

Graphite Publications

“Graphite is an independent, nonpartisan digital publication launched in March 2013 as a youth media platform. Our contributors, featured writers and artists, are consistently working to build a space that synthesises the realms of political and academic analysis, and creative expression.



We are comprised of three sections:

• Culture: reviews, poetry, short stories, paintings, photography, short
• Politics & Economics: serious analysis of current events and pressing
• Academia: legal archive of undergraduate and graduate research papers
and book reviews.

What had begun as a brief exchange between a group of Montreal-based young people is growing into a greater dynamic global project with ever-expanding reaches from Sindh to Quebec.”

To submit your work, please contact:
[email protected]

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